Supporters' Club


The Supporters Club will be having their usual marquee during the Canterbury Cricket Festival and do pop in and see us. If you can bring along a friend who you can persuade to join us so much the better

50/50 Competition Draw

50/50 Competition 2nd Draw of the year. Drawn at Tunbridge Wells on Sunday, 19th July, by various members.

1st Prize £172      Share No.437      Mr N A Simpson    Beckenham

2nd Prize £103    Share No.186      Mr J B Willis    Southampton

3rd Prize £64      Share No. 66       Mr F Curzon     Reading

4th Prize £40      Share No. 378    Mr M F Cole     Bexley Heath

5th Prize £23      Share No. 473    Mr J G Sweet   Sandwich


6th Prize  £16    Share No.  190  Mr F W Blackmore   Broadstairs


Photo by Peter Francis

Supporters Club President Brian Rudd presented the President's Cup awarded to the Club's  choice for the Most Promising Uncapped Player of the Year for 2014 to Daniel Bell-Drummond at the Tunbridge Wells Festival on a sunny Sunday at the Nevill Ground on May 25th.

Come and join us

Support your County Team and make like-minded, cricket-loving friends by joining

Kent County Cricket Club Supporters Club

For only £10 a year, you can be part of our glorious band of Kent County Cricket fans.

You will help sponsor our up and coming youngsters, our Academy and our beloved County Club, receive four free copies of our superb quarterly magazine sent to your home, and enjoy the hospitality of our marquees at Tunbridge Week and The Spitfire Ground, St Lawrence.

We also have several lunches, dinners and days in the JM Recruitment Har